Dental Injury with Loss of Consciousness

Always go straight to the emergency room to be evaluated. Any possible brain injury or damage is much more important than your child’s teeth. If there are any dental injuries, please contact Dr Jon’s office so we can coordinate treatment for your child. 972.549.4036

Broken / Chipped Tooth

First, rinse with warm water. If there is any tissue bleeding, apply pressure until the bleeding stops. Apply a cold pack (bag of frozen green peas works well in a pinch) to the cheek or lips over the broken tooth to help reduce swelling and relieve pain. Then call Dr. Jon’s office in Frisco ASAP. 972.549.4036

Tooth Knocked Out

It is possible to “replant” a permanent (adult) tooth! First you need to rinse the mouth with warm water. Also, you want to gently rinse the tooth that has been knocked out. Do not touch the root. Place the tooth in a container with enough milk to submerge the entire tooth. Time is very important in this situation. Get to Dr. Jon or the hospital immediately to have the tooth put back into place.  Primary teeth (baby) are generally not placed back in the mouth; however, make an appointment with Dr. Jon so he can make sure no fragments from the root remain in the socket.


Many times a child’s toothache is caused by something being stuck between their teeth. Do a visual check for food or objects between the teeth. If you notice something, try brushing or using floss to remove the object. Do not use a toothpick, or any other sharp instruments to remove the object. If you cannot remove the object, call Dr. Jon’s office.
If the toothache is not being caused by something stuck between the teeth, have the child rinse with warm water, use a cold compress, and if the pain is severe enough an oral pain reliever can be taken. Do not use topical pain relievers because topical pain relievers can damage the gums. Call Dr. Jon’s office to schedule an appointment so that we can determine the source of the pain and what treatment may be required.